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There has been a variety of responses regarding the new Café Habana restaurant at 1040 Esplanade Avenue. Whatever your stance may be, we wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn what Sean Meenan and Café Habana are about. To reach Sean directly please email him at

See what our neighbors are saying:

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[I have visited Habana Outpost in Brooklyn and Habana in Soho, and I must say that I view this addition to our French Quarter as an attribute. His family, environmentally conscious approach can no way be seen as a blemish on our city]

[It (Café Habana) will become a landmark and will be a bridge between the St.Claude neighborhood and the French Quarter]

[What’s better: a decaying graffiti-ridden corner that hasn’t been in commerce for decades, or a business that brings something new and vital to the neighborhood?]

[ Habana, adapted to the neighborhood around it, rather than cram its style into the neighborhood. Based upon the other locations, this strikes me as a potentially good fit]

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